amazon care

Healthcare built around you


2017 –2019

Lead app designer

September 2019


Healthcare built around you

Amazon Care is a service provided to those who need medical support for themselves and the ones they love. It aims to be one of the world's most trusted customer–centric care services.


Design the experience for those who need care

I joined the Amazon Care team as a founding member of the product. My main responsibilities were to design the best possible care experiences for our customers, specifically those who need urgent care. I strived to bring the best possible care to our customers. I worked closely with our health care providers, researchers, web designers, mobile developers, and back-end developers to solve the problems that our customers are experiencing in the current healthcare system. 

Amazon Care is a service only available to eligible Amazon employees in the Seattle area. I'm going to share what has been announced to the public. Once, it goes to the open public, I will add more design processes.


Change the way people get treatment

In real life, there are many steps before seeing a doctor in person. Amazon Care is to change the way people see a doctor and how they get treated. We strived hard to meet one of Amazon’s principles – Customer obsession.

Typical hospital visit flow


Amazon Care experience

We identified the customer pain points throughout the hospital visiting journey and worked on the way to improve customers' experiences.


Experience principles

To meet our experience bar over the course of the project, we set experience principles. These principles guided us to be on track all the time and reminded us to be the most customer-centric medical service provider.


Experience map


See a doctor within minutes

People need to do many things before seeing a doctor in person. Even if they see a doctor, they don’t feel empathy usually. As a lead mobile experience designer, those are not acceptable in customer experiences. I worked with clinicians and researchers to identify the problems and discussed how we could help customers to have optimal visiting experience. As for the first step, we needed many steps before seeing a doctor such as waiting time and filling out forms. It was hard to convince clinicians first because they needed to see the form before seeing patients. I suggested them to take that information while talking to them. This way, customers feel more cared.


Chat with a clinician for any health topic

Customers can chat with a clinician to ask for general health questions and any medical advice. These days, the chat is one of the main communication tools. Some might find difficult to speak with a clinician in person. Chat is more convenient and more accessible to customers who need a quick solution or are more accustomed to text messages.



Listen from our customers

Every week, we invited selected Amazon employees for user testing to validate the flow and find the pain points that customers might encounter through the care services. We received abundant valuable feedback from them and helped us to even more simplifying the experience.

Onboarding concept tested

This is one of the onboarding concepts that we tested. We tried different ways to onboard people because there were many required steps to be completed during onboarding such as filling basic information

Final words

It was a long and hard journey to finish this project. Health care is a very new topic for me. I had to do a vast amount of conversations with clinicians to understand the existing health care system and their own pain points. Also, did a vast amount of competitive analysis of existing telemedicine apps and the best app that provides good service to customers.


I was happy about the end result because the Amazon Care app brings truly customer-obsessed experiences. To reach to our goal, every team member in the Amazon Care team strived really hard to accomplish the best possible customer experiences.